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The journal has specific rules to formatting a manuscript that authors should adhere to before shipping their manuscript. These guidelines are primarily intended to make the submission of manuscript quick and easy.    Read More

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Journal of Nephrological Science Science is primarily based on values centered on loyalty, commitment, scientific accuracy, and ethics. It has adopted clear and rigorous ethical guidelines for best working practices.    Read More

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Each article we publish benefits from hundreds of hours of work by Chief editors, Sectional editors, Reviewers, Manuscript editors, Proofreaders, Graphics and Web experts, who work to ensure that the manuscript meets our standards. Read More


Focus & Scope

Journal of Nephrological Science is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that offers its readers prime quality updated research and ideas on all aspects of nephrology, nephron physiology, clinical nephrology, and research relating to the basic immunology, anatomy and physiology of the kidney, apheresis, dialysis, and transplantation. The Journal is designed with a specific focus on the effectiveness in real-world applications of interventions in nephrology. Goal ranges from discussion to evolution of investigative methodology of treatment strategies.

Journal of Nephrological Science encompasses various branches of nephrology such as diabetic nephropathy, pediatric nephrology, clinical nephrology, renal replacement therapy, dialysis, renal transplantation and immunosuppressant management. The journal prioritizes the publication of manuscripts that showcase the process of advent of novel methodologies relating to the structural organization and biochemistry of the normal and diseased kidney; molecular biology, genetics and clinical course of renal disease; immunobiology and genomics; the physiology and pathophysiology of glomerular filtration and tubular transport; molecular biology of transporters; the physiology and biochemistry of renal hormones; endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cell function and blood pressure control, as well as the renal elimination. In addition, the journal also focuses on action and clinical use of drugs, cell therapy, kidney biopsy, histochemical and pathological analysis of acute kidney injury, kidney neoplasms, renal necrosis, calculi, carcinoma, horseshoe kidney, renal hypertension and other chronic kidney diseases.


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