The goal of our English Editing Service is to make your manuscript the best that it can be. Our fast, affordable, proofreading and English editing services, with the help of experienced and well-qualified editors, establish an appropriate professional scientific tone in your writing and return a polished document with improved understandability and readability. We make sure that your manuscript smoothly passes the reviewer’s committee without any language-related objections.

Our team of experts fixes any errors relating to

  •  Sentence and Paragraph structuring
  •  Consistency of verb tenses
  •  Lexical choice and Vocabulary Usage
  •  Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar
  •  Wordiness, Redundancy and Plagiarism

Our editing team is available round the clock 24/7, 365 days a year and work to meet your tight deadlines. As part of our standard editing process, manuscript is reviewed twice; the first round of revision is made by a native English speaker, and the second, by a highly qualified academic editor of respective specialization.

Manuscript Formatting Service

Formatting of manuscript as per the journal guidelines is a tedious process and becomes burden to research scholars and authors as it consumes some time from their busy schedule. Now, you need not worry about the minor details of your article presentation. Our Manuscript Formatting Service assists you by formatting your existing files and thus saves your time and allows you to focus on the key aspects of your job. Our service is available 24/7 365 days a year and work to meet your tight deadlines. We will neither rush through your manuscript nor keep it longer than necessary.

Our Formatting Service includes the following:

  •  Maintenance of proper font, style and page layout.
  •  Formatting of references and citations.
  •  Ensuring that headings and subheadings are clearly differentiated and that all required sections are present
  •  Checking word count and spacing between sentences and paragraphs
  •  Ensuring the clarity and appropriate placement of tables and figures